Data-Race-Free benchmarks for contemporary research

A well-known benchmark suite of parallel applications is the Splash-2 suite. Since its creation in the context of the DASH project, Splash-2 benchmarks have been widely used in research. However, Splash-2 was released over two decades ago and does not adhere to the recent C memory consistency model. This leads to unexpected and often incorrect behavior when some Splash-2 benchmarks are used in conjunction with contemporary compilers and hardware (simulated or real). Most importantly, we discovered critical performance bugs. In the Splash-3 benchmark suite we   rectify the problematic benchmarks and  contribute to the community a new sanitized version of the Splash-2 benchmarks.


To properly cite Splash-3, please use:

Christos Sakalis, Carl Leornadson, Alberto Ros, Stefanos Kaxiras, "Splash-3: A Properly Synchronized Benchmark Suite for Contemporary Research", ISPASS 2016.